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Door to Door Leaflet Distribution in Croydon


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Door to door leaflet distribution in Croydon

Why use a Giboki door to door leaflet distribution in Croydon

Door-to-door Leaflet distribution is one of the oldest marketing strategies used by many businesses today. Giboki Door to door leaflet distribution in Croydon can prove to be a cost-effective marketing strategy to get your business noticed by potential customers. It is important to have good quality leaflets that reflex your business brand and is targeted in the locations that will be an advantage to your business.

It is important to have good quality leaflets that reflex your business brand and is targeted in the locations that will be an advantage to your business. No matter the type of business it is important that you use a professional leaflet distribution company in Croydon such as Giboki Ltd for a guarantee that all your leaflets will be distributed correctly as you require.

Before you start a door to door leaflet distribution in Croydon you should consider:

Before starting your door to door leaflet distribution in Croydon or your chosen location you should consider using a company that does professional leaflet distribution in Croydon to manage your campaign. Many companies fail to deliver a quality service due to their management structure and supervision of staff whilst at work. At Giboki marketing and advertising agency our ethos is quality customer service. By this, we mean making sure you can rely on Giboki 100% to manage your marketing needs to the best of our ability.

What design and style of leaflet you want to reflect your brand’s image. Leaflet design print and distribution is a very important element of marketing. A leaflet or flyer is a form of paper advertisement handed out to members of the public or a selected demographic of people. Leaflet design print and distribution may be used to advertise concerts, nightclubs, restaurants, hairdressers and any particular business. Leaflets are your selling point without making verbal contact and are typically the first point of contact with your potential customers. Before printing your leaflets it is very important that the look and feel has a great potential to persuade people to enquire more about your service or product offered. Like posters and pamphlets, leaflets and flyers are a mass marketing or communication that can be very cost effective if designed and distributed correctly. If you are looking for leaflet distribution in Croydon Giboki marketing and advertising agency should be your first point of contact.

Are you going to use leaflets or brochures? The brochure is an advertising paper to promote a company or service. Brochures are usually trifold, for example, an A5 leaflet being folded three times. This is usually because there is more than one product, service or prices offered that you want to clearly portray to the reader. A trifold leaflet will make it easier for people to understand your message or advertisement.

Who is your target audience? It is important to consider which demographic of people you are targeting and where. Giboki leaflet distribution uses Office for National Statistics (ONS) and Census data which will enable better targeting for your required demographic of customers. If you offer a gardening service and would like to find homeowners or people within a certain age bracket our software can determine preferred postcodes to target.

Cost effective leaflet/brochure Distribution

We distribute brochures and magazines with our regular leaflet distribution campaigns in Croydon. By delivering your brochures along with other known competitive leaflets can be a great way to reduce cost.

We often assign our team in groups of no more than three but can be adjusted to your requirements. This ensures better time keeping and management of teams. It is hard to find a trustworthy leaflet distribution company even independent leaflet distributors. Our management structure ensures that complaints are kept to the possible minimum and most importantly we are doing exactly what we said we will do to your requirements.

About Giboki Leaflet Distribution 

Amongst businesses door to door leaflet distribution is still one of the most popular ways of leaflet marketing. We have a number of options to how we can distribute your flyers or leaflets. We can do multi-drop posting, which means distributing your leaflets with other none competitive leaflets or sole distribution for a higher retention rate.

Business to Business Leaflet Distribution in Croydon

This method of leaflet distribution is least used amongst the rest, which makes it a unique method. Distributing leaflets to businesses can give you great exposure. For example, restaurants and fast-food establishments offering lunchtime food delivery service can be highly popular amongst the office workers.

Hand To Hand Leaflet Distribution in Croydon

Hand to hand distribution is highly effective but more time-consuming. The advantage of using this method is that our staff will make sure your leaflets get looked at along with a short message to the public. With this service, you can specify whom to hand flyers to. We can even be dressed in your brand of clothing for visual impact giving you that extra coverage.

Starting Your leaflet Distribution Campaign with Giboki

Before your campaign begins we will give you a breakdown of the location you requested for distribution. Giboki advertising and marketing company is the perfect company to use for your leaflet distribution in Croydon, however, we will also distribute your leaflets in most areas of London. We know Croydon inside, this does not only assure that a single door won’t get missed but will also assure your campaigns get completed within a realistic time frame which in return will save you time and cost. Knowing your audience is crucial. To help you select the perfect area to target we use demographic profiling by using address data. Our leaflets distribution software brings our customers great benefit. We will be able to tell you how many doors there are in a particular location. If you request we can tell you the type of tenure, for example, if they are homeowners or rented properties. The advantage of our tracking system is that you will get your own log in details for your personal account, allowing you to download your campaign distribution history as you please. For your peace of mind, you are able to monitor our distributors in real time. This will ensure you that our campaign is going ahead on time in the correct location. We will either send you an email or text at the start of your job.

Data Collecting

Using a contact list to communicate to your potential customers is essential for maximum exposure. In instances of working at concerts our team will endeavour to collect as much data for you as possible. We will assure to arrive at locations early with clipboards giving that quality time to interact with the public for mailing list collection.

Geo-Mapping Tracking

Our Mapping system is perfect for door-to-door leaflet distribution, a method used for delivery of marketing materials. With GPS you can pinpoint the position of our team in real time. On completion of your campaign, you will receive a file which will display GPS locations of our distributors, speed of movement, roads and individual letter box numbers posted to.

Giboki Leaflet Distribution Prices

Leaflet and flyer distribution can prove to be cost effective for marketing your businesses or brand. Choosing the right campaign type is essential for getting your message across to your target audience. Take a look at the brief information below to see what distribution services we offer.

Solus delivery: starting from £45 per 1k leaflets depending on location. This option will allow you to get maximum exposure as they will be delivered on their own.

Shared plan: starting from £35 this is a cost effective option for having your leaflets distributed with other none competitive leaflets, with a maximum of up to three in a delivery.

Quality Printing Service

Taking up our service means you save cost. At Giboki advertising agency and marketing services, we supply multiple services under one roof. This means when ordering a leaflet distribution campaign you can get a graphic design and quality print service which will save you time and cost.

For information on our Club flyer distribution service please click here

Club Flyer Distribution


£25 in pack shared (1club)
£45 for 1K (shared pack)
£120 3k for in pack distribution